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   Born and raised along the Rhine River in the City of Mainz, Germany; graduated from the University of Frankfurt in 1969 with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Along with wife Brigitte, owned and operated a radio and television store for 12 years.
   In 1987 moved to Raleigh, NC to work for a German company as a sales and marketing manager at Research Triangle Park. In 1996, relocated to Wimberley and worked for several US and Canadian software companies.
   Travelled the US extensively for 12 years. Started a website design career in 1999, which is still ongoing.
   Having been a member of a cooking club in Germany with member clubs all over Europe, in 2003 started the Men's Cooking Club of Wimberley, which rapidly grew to 10 members, who meet once a month for a gourmet cooking evening at the Wimberley Cafe.
   Lives with wife Brigitte, dog Molly and the horses Monty and Cheyenne in the Burnett Ranch area off of FM2325.

   Favorite cuisine to cook: German, Italian
   Business Link: Website Design