A Selection of MCCW Menus

These are some of the menus our members create for their respective
cooking evening. Just goes to show that they are not only excellent chefs
but men of many talents.

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August 2008 Menu

April 2006 Menu

August 2010 Menu

June 2007 Menu

July 2009 Menu

May 2009 Menu

September 2006 Menu

April 2008
5th Anniversary Menu

July 2010 Menu

October 2010 Picnic Menu

November 2007 Menu

October 2009 Picnic Menu

October 2005 Menu

July 2005 Picnic Menu

December 2010 Christmas Dinner Menu

June 2011 Menu

June 2012 Menu

December 2011 Christmas Dinner Menu

December 2012 Christmas Dinner Menu